About Amar

From the age of 6 Amar was a bundle of moving life. Her family remember her well as being constantly active with dynamic energy and love for movement. Those close to her were sure that she would eventually pursue a career in dance and performance. Born in Mexico Amar came from a strong family unit who supported her early education and then into her chosen profession as a dancer. Their dedication towards her passion for dance helped her understand her aims and objectives in this genre.

Amars introduction to dance began when she spent two years learning classic ballet and folkloric dance at a local school in her native city. Her interest began to grow and soon she went to several classes to learn dances for Hawaii and Tahiti. At the age of 11 Amar focused her attention on Afro Caribbean dance. Within a year of learning this specific dance style she was asked to feature in a production developed by her then teacher and master of african drum , leticia Martinez. She performed in many established theatres across the country and gained vital experiences in the art of performing. This opportunity heightened her interest in dance and desire to learn more about the vast ranges of styles. One style on particular inspired Amar to research and explore with a a new found dedication was Belly dance. Belly dance was not a popular style in Mexico and as a result there were very few opportunities to learn from professional Belly dancers. At 13 Amar had found her chosen style and began to search for ways to learn. For many years her only education was from watching travelling dancers who would perform at Adonis , a popular lebanese restaurant in the city where she was working as a dancer as part of a live music performance ensemble. Observing these belly dancers gave her the motivation to teach herself. Amar also attended classes with a local belly dance tutor called Laila , there she began to horn in on the more finer details of the dance style. Her experience at the restaurant gave her a good basic knowledge of belly dance and also the music and all other aspects of performing this genre. After spending 6 years at Adonis, Amar had developed many new skills as a dancer and the self taught process had given birth to her now so individual style of dance.

As Amar has been heavily influenced by polynesian and affro carribean styles along with her interest in Lebanese and some aspects of Egyptian. She does not feel that her overall dance can be defined into a specific area as her education and introduction to these dances has been a non formal process. Amar has a strong grasp on all of the styles she has learnt and add elements of all of them into here performances.

Amar has now ten yeas of touring experience. Some of the counties Amar has visited include , India , Lebanon , Syria , Bahrain , United Arab Emirates and Holland. She loves travelling and sharing her love for dance with other people. She is particular inspired how other cultures and faiths respond to her dance and her character as a person. She truly enjoys the opportunity to learn and observe the landscape of the many places she has been to. This gives her a better understanding of her position among the belly dance community and also helps her to develop her long term plan to create a belly dance school in her native Mexico. Amar puts a lot of emphasis on the whole process of teaching as is one of the reasons why she continually interacts with almost all of her students whom attend her international workshops. Amar says " I just can say I love the contact with the girls, their energy is so contagious, and their desire to learn from you; motivates me to keep me ALSO learning to share with them even more.!

Amar loves to have fun and is full of enthusiasm and motivation to relax away from her dance. As a keen artist Amar often enjoys to relax by simple painting and exploring with colours and patterns which she believes gives her a sense of peace and helps her to unwind. Her love for language is also adds to her interests. She plans to gradually learn as many languages a as possible and engage with the locals whenever on tour to develop her learning. Music obviously plays a huge role in her professional life but also is a key element to how Amar stays motivated and relaxed away from her vocation.

Amar is keen to develop her skills further and to explore even more genres of dance. Her desire to visit other countries and cultures is her motivation. Amar is fully aware of how important it is for her to enjoy her dance and to inspire others to follower in her footsteps or to just be inspired from enjoyment. Amar hopes to gain more skills in the belly dance world and command more exposure. This will help her build her schools in Mexico where she wants to give those women who's options may be limited due to finance or family commitments to learn dance and enjoy this beautiful art.